"The Treo 700w is almost guaranteed to please a growing number of mobile professionals who are tied to Microsoft Exchange Server"

Washington Post - 1/2006

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Palm Treo Cheat Sheet



To Unlock:

Press the Red Phone Key, followed by the oval center button






To use the Phone:




To hang up, press the red button


To dial a number from your contacts, either:

-        select the “contacts” icon from the menu that appears when you press the green phone button

For IE 7 Help

-        press the home button and select “contacts” from the

menu (ensure that the dropdown menu at the top of the screen reads [All]) by browsing to the Contacts icon using the arrow keys and press the shiny silver rocker to select.


Highlight the number you wish to call and press the Green Phone key.




To use the Calendar:

IE 7 Advice with normalize.dll

Press the Calendar button


The default view is that day’s events. To view a weeks-worth of events, select the line of dots in the lower-left side of the screen. The block of dots is for a monthly view. You can press “Go To” to select a date manually.

To add an event, select a time on the calendar and type the event details



To use Email:

Either press the envelope icon on the device, or press the home button and browse to VersaMail.


To compose an email, press the “New” icon. To retrieve new messages, press the “Get” icon. To read an email, tap it.



To use the Web:


Press the home button. Scroll down to the “Web” icon. You can use this like you would a standard web browser, though you’ll notice that it’s much slower, and pages don’t look the same. It’s functional though.

About the Palm Treo

The Palm Treo is a line of smartphones acquired and subsequently developed from Handspring. The Treos are one of the most popular PDA mobile phones. They have a number of integrated features making it possible to check the calendar while talking on the phone, dial directly from contacts list, send emails, and on recent models take pictures.

As of December 2005, there have been thirteen Treo models, listed below in order of introduction. With the exception of the Treo 700w, all Treos utilize Palm OS; the Treo 700w uses Windows Mobile, although it is probable that a Palm OS version will also be released in the near future.

In addition, Palm has recently negotiated a licensing deal with RIM which will allow Treo 650s and "other wireless devices" to connect to RIM's popular BlackBerry e-mail service. Palm and RIM have announced that they expect to roll out Blackberry-enabled Treo devices in early 2006; pricing and availability have yet to be announced, although Palm has stated that the service will be available to both new and existing Treo 650 users.

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